2,200 Kinds of Fireflies and Infinite Thank You's

2,200 Kinds of Fireflies and Infinite Thank You's

Did you know that fireflies are found on every continent except Antarctica ? I haven't done a whole lot of travelling outside New Zealand in my life - a few destinations around the Pacific Rim, mainly islands, so it's not surprising I haven't ever met these unique and fascinating creatures (yet). And yet, the metaphor of the firefly is what drives my latest album - self belief, inner light and gratitude is what I wanted the songs on Firefly to convey. The light that shines inside every child, and every parent - but sometimes it needs quiet, just the right conditions and season to truly show up in a noisy and busy world.

There are more than 2,200 different types of fireflies in the world apparently, and I have infinite thanks to give for having the chance to make this album, which has helped me gain a nomination this year for "Best Children's Music Artist' in our NZ Children's Music Awards!

It was made with help from NZ On Air, and creative collaboration from afar with producer Dean Jones in NY who sings and plays throughout the record. I have to ask Dean if there are fireflies where he lives. Birds of a Feather friends Little Miss Ann and Suzi Shelton also generously lent their magic to our song 'Colours' on this album too - I might have to ask them to try and fit a visit to Smokey Mountains in North Carolina this year if it happens to fit in with their touring schedule!

Real Groovy are stocking the record right now as well as Flying Out in Auckland! 

Go forth and shine your lights friends - be the firefly. 
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