Don't Forget to Shine Your Light, Just Like a Firefly

Don't Forget to Shine Your Light, Just Like a Firefly

Hello world - meet Firefly (the album).

Take the incredible way fireflies 🧚🏻 and other creatures that glow have evolved to create their own biological light sources (in fireflies case a chemical reaction involving luciferase, oxygen and ATP), translate that to signify to the inner glow in every child, powered by love and belief in themselves and you have the essence of my new project Firefly!

Think - AWE, PEACE, and HOPE as a state of mind, and put it into songs, for kids, about things that go together like dancing lettuces and best friend superheroes battling the school bullies. 

Values like teamwork, grit, self confidence and optimism hum through these songs, created with a whole lot of spark by producer Dean Jones, and a little warm fuzzy songwriting wool from me, aided by vocal pizzazz from besties Suzi Shelton and Little Miss Ann (track 2 - Colours). Polished and mastered by Alan Douches, and made possible by NZ On Air Music.

Here is a quick stroll through the tracklisting by theme: 

Firefly Side A

🔧 Little by Little (a song about resilience, growth mindset, courage and taking things one day at a time)

🌈 Colours  (a hello song about showing up for the day no matter what colour we are feeling, for welcome, morning mat times etc) 

🔢 Only One You (there are millions of interesting things in this world and beyond that we can count, but every single kid is 100% unique)

Firefly (affirmations for the tough transitions of childhood, reminding kids about their inner light that shines no matter what)

🕊️ Hope Is a Verb (future thinking, climate change, combating eco anxiety)

Firefly Side B

🏆 Winning : (a song about being our own kind of best and not worrying so much about rankings, helping each other, teamwork)

☮️ Superheroes : (anti bullying, integrating into new communities, placing ourselves in others shoes, school, understanding and inclusion)

🥬 Lettuce Dance : (food puns! ~ a silly love song about things that go together)

☘️ Focus on the Good : (a kids affirmations song about manifesting and abundance)

Opposite Miracles : (simple binary opposites as well as deep stuff about the wonder of being alive)

🛴 Scooter : (a dreamy song about independence, growing up, making your own path)

Take a listen! 


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