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Little Birds EP Digital Single

Little Birds EP Digital Single

Claudia Robin Gunn

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Little Robin and Little NZ Birds are two singles produced in support of the annual Forest and Bird Bird of the Year campaign. Siblings Claudia and her sister Melissa Gunn (Ph.D.) have campaigned for the NZ Robin / Toutouwai since 2019.

Little NZ Birds is a Kiwi version of the classic Little Bird folk song, featuring small birds of the New Zealand bush - NZ Robin/ Toutouwai, Black Robin/ Kakaruia, Tomtit / Miromiro, Whitehead / Pōpokatea, Yellowhead / Mōhua.

Little Robin is a song co-written and performed with Melissa Gunn on flute; a story about wishing to see NZ Robins / Toutouwai come and visit our backyards and neighbourhood wild spaces again


1 - Little NZ Birds

2 - Little Robin


Flute by Melissa Gunn

Produced by Andrew and Victoria Knopp

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