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Little Wild Lullabies (Sleepy Instrumentals) Digital Album

Little Wild Lullabies (Sleepy Instrumentals) Digital Album

Claudia Robin Gunn

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Restful and calm sleepy instrumentals of all tracks from Little Wild Lullabies. These can be used as backing tracks to encourage singing at home or in educational settings, particularly with the sing-along tracks (with some backing vocals retained) for Everywhere Stars, Ship That Sails, Home Sweet Home, and Lullaby Time. Perfect as a calm background soundtrack at quiet time and nap time for littles. 


Songwriter/Vocalist: Claudia Robin Gunn
Featuring Guest Vocalists: Little Miss Ann, Suzi Shelton (track 2 - Colours)
Producer: Dean Jones at No Parking Studio
All Instrumentation: Dean Jones plus Jason Surubbi (Upright Bass on Hope is a Verb) and Jessica and Tony Jones (Saxophones on Winning)
Mastering: Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Illustrator: Claudia Robin Gunn
Funded by NZ On Air

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  • Track Listing

    1: Little by Little

    2: Colours

    3: Only One You

    4: Firefly

    5: Hope is a Verb

    6: Winning

    7: Superheroes

    8: Lettuce Dance

    9: Focus on the Good

    10: Opposite Miracles

    11: Scooter

  • About the album

    Take the incredible way fireflies 🧚🏻 and other creatures that glow have evolved to create their own biological light sources (in fireflies case a chemical reaction involving luciferase, oxygen and ATP), translate that to signify the inner glow in every child, powered by love and belief in themselves and you have the essence of this children's music album Firefly!

    Celebrating awe, channeling peace, and framing hope as a state of mind (and action). I combined these motivations and put them into songs, for kids, about things that go together like dancing lettuces and best friend superheroes battling the school bullies (among other things !)

    Working with respected and award winning producer and songwriter Dean Jones at No Parking Studio was a collaborative and enlighting process to pull these songs out of the air and onto tape across a period of nearly 2 years. The songs we chose from all the demo's I sent (I'm in Auckland New Zealand, he is in Hudson Valley New York), emerged with their own characters, style and intentions. They shine a spotlight on values like teamwork, grit, self confidence and optimism. I think songs can be like friends so these ones are most likely to skip along like peaceful and welcoming companions for your kids creative play, circle time sessions, road trips and family time. Perhaps they will inspire some questions, and hopefully a meadow full of sparkling self belief in little listeners hearts. 

Watch 'Hope is a Verb'