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Little Wild Universe Digital Album

Little Wild Universe Digital Album

Claudia Robin Gunn

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Little Wild Universe is a sparkling and expansive album of family music for beautiful minds. Supported by NZ On Air, this rocket ride of a music collection takes listeners on a journey through the solar system, with family-friendly tunes about the Earth, the stars, and the universe.


All songs written and composed by Claudia Robin Gunn

Produced by Tom Fox at The Sound Room

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  • Tracklist

    1. Like An Astronaut
    2. How Far is a Lightyear (Solar System Song)
    3. The International Space Station Band
    4. Rocketride (Kiwi Kids in Space)
    5. Earth Sweet Earth
    6. Pluto We Heart You
    7. Lunar Oceans
    8. Stars Dreaming of Stars
    9. My Name is Juno Hello Jupiter
    10. Curiouser (The First Women on Mars)
    11. The Big Picture
    12. The Milky Way
    13. Parallel Universe
    14. Explorers
    15. Dark Skies

  • About the Album

    Discover the stars from the safety of Planet Earth. Little Wild Universe is an out of this world album to inspire families who love to dream big.

    Family music for beautiful minds, this is a musical journey that takes listeners on a whimsical and joyous rocket ride through the solar system.

    Honouring kids' evergreen curiosity about all things stars and space, they can learn the names of planets in our solar system, be introduced to the small dwarf planet wth the big heart, the mighty solar powered spacecraft orbiting Jupiter and most importantly, be encouraged to ask big questions about what lies beyond (and how we can protect) our tiny blue dot.