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Sing for the Sea - Little Wild Ocean Friends - Digital Album Download

Sing for the Sea - Little Wild Ocean Friends - Digital Album Download

Claudia Robin Gunn

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Dive in and listen to the music of our oceans.

24 original children's music tunes celebrating our oceans and the little, wild, and gentle giant creatures that call it home. There are sea shanties and sweet lullabies, ballads, and beats in this collection that sings of ferries and tugboats, glow-in-the-dark sea life, and escaping octopus among many more. Also includes a PDF of the Sing for the Sea Songbook.


Songwriter/Performer: Claudia Robin Gunn
Producer: Tom Fox at The Sound Room
All Instrumentation: Tom Fox
Trumpet (We Are All Waves): Nick Connor
Mastering: Mike Bloemendal
Illustrator: Elise De Silva
Graphic Design: Claudia Robin Gunn
Science Communicator: Melissa R Gunn

Funded by Creative New Zealand

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  • About the Album


    Dive into the ocean of your imagination! These original family tunes celebrate children’s connection to the oceans and the little, the wild and the gentle giant creatures that call it home. There are songs of ferries and tugboats, glow in the dark sea life and marvellous escaping octopus among many more.

    The album was recorded with producer Tom Fox at The Sound Room whose intricate guitar, mandolin and thoughtful arrangements uplift the tunes into an immersive audio experience. ‘We Are all Waves’ features the trumpet playing of Nick Connor. All songs written and composed by Claudia Robin Gunn. Album art was illustrated by Elise De Silva and designed by Claudia Robin Gunn.

    This album was funded by an arts grant from Creative New Zealand and was followed by a second album as part of the same project Sing for the Earth - Little Wild Animals.

  • Tracklist

    1. Baby Blue Whale
    2. Baby Butterfly Bobtail Squid
    3. Coral Reef
    4. Eagle Ray
    5. Ferry Song
    6. Fish for the Future
    7. Glow in the Dark Sharks
    8. Imaginary Ocean
    9. Inky the Octopus
    10. Into the Blue
    11. Mermaid Parade
    12. Pirate Princess
    13. Rockpools
    14. Sandcastle Competition
    15. Sally Sally Sea Jelly
    16. Seashell Lullaby
    17. Sea Sponge Land
    18. Seaweed Story
    19. Sparky the Tugboat
    20. The Loneliest Whale
    21. Tidy Up the Tide
    22. Vitamin Sea
    23. We Are All Waves
    24. Whale Shark

Songbook: Sing for the Sea - Little Wild Ocean Friends

Chords and lyrics for all the songs, plus science notes and suggested activities written by scientist and author Melissa R. Gunn. These notes are intended as a starting point for families and educators to stimulate further curious exploration.

Artist Elise De Silva created unique images for each song, and some of the activity ideas promote further artistic exploration in children’s own time as well.

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"When humans sing together that is when real magic happens don’t you think? I remember singing with my family and learning all the lyrics of my favourite albums as a child.

Happy swimming and little wild music making!"

- Claudia Robin Gunn

"...a gentle and thought-provoking song which ebbs and flows like the waves of the ocean. There's more to this song than meets the ear, as it represents just a small piece of a much bigger picture on display here, but more on that later."

- Electric Kids Music on Baby Blue Whale

This album goes out to all the little ocean champions who want to help protect our planet and all the earthlings who inhabit it, especially the wonders of the ocean.

Using art as a medium to translate conservation issues into an empowering framework, these songs aim to create a tangible and approachable context through storytelling for children that emphasises human agency, and potential for positive change.

I hope that this theme encourages families in their own conservation actions, and to seek out and support the ocean conservation organisations who are making a difference in the world.

Take a listen to this recent radio show Claudia guest DJ’ed on The Hilltown Family Varierty Show. While the ocean covers 71% of our planet and forms 90% of its habitable space, we humans have encountered maybe only 1/3 of the life forms that call it home. Take an audio adventure in the deep blue sea and connect with a whole range of incredible ocean creatures through song and story in this marine biology-themed episode featuring many kindie music friends’ ocean songs. This is music that encourages caring for our environment and understanding the biodiversity in this incredible natural space.

Listen - Hilltown Family Variety Show - Guest DJ Episode on Marine Biology