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Sing The Months - Acapella - Digital Single Download

Sing The Months - Acapella - Digital Single Download

Claudia Robin Gunn

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Sing The Months is a Little Wild Learning song.

Weaving elements of the nursery rhyme '30 days has September' into a memorable original composition reminiscent of playground chants with a tune that teaches the order of the months. A clear melody plus harmonies in counterpoint create a folky acapella vocal arrangement for 3 voices.

With a vintage folk feel, like an Appalachian found song that pays homage to Claudia's history of learning to sing in harmony with her sisters, Sing The Months is perfect for toddler and early childhood mat times, family folk playlists, and song collections relating to concepts of time and seasons.


Mixing and mastering by Andrew and Victoria Knopp

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