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Sing Through The Year - A Little Wild Childhood - Digital Album Download

Sing Through The Year - A Little Wild Childhood - Digital Album Download

Claudia Robin Gunn

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Take a walk through Spring, a swim through Summer, then drift into Autumn and slide into Winter with these seasons and weather-inspired songs for kids. Celebrating everyday joys, childhood rhythms and the world surrounding us, encouraging families to sing together. Includes a PDF of the Sing Through the Year Songbook too.


Tracks 1-13 and 15-25 written and performed by Claudia Robin Gunn
Track 14 - 'Listen to the Leaves - Whakarongo ki ngā Rau' co-written and performed by Claudia Robin Gunn and Lucy Hiku

Produced, arranged and mixed by Tom Fox at The Sound Room Tom Fox on Guitars, Bass, Ukulele, Keyboards, Percussion and Drums

Mastered by Mike Bloemendal

Original watercolour album art and songbook illustrations created by Elise De Silva Art

Album and songbook layout and production by Claudia Robin Gunn at Little Wild Music


This is a recording and publishing project funded by a Creative New Zealand Arts Grant through the 2020 Continuity Fund, with grateful thanks.

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  • Tracklist

    1. Apple Tree
    2. I Love The Rain
    3. Every Day Is A Dance
    4. Walking Through The Seasons
    5. Kids In Autumn
    6. The Acorns Roll
    7. Dear Umbrella
    8. Winter Snow
    9. Clouds
    10. Pom Poms
    11. Hello Neighbourhood
    12. Spring Song
    13. Save The Daisies (Garden Song)
    14. Listen To The Leaves - Whakarongo ki ngā Rau
    15. Summertime and Sunshines
    16. Camping Holiday
    17. Happy Place
    18. Lucky Rainbow
    19. The Weather Report
    20. Heart Beats
    21. Treehouse
    22. The Wind
    23. Kind Words
    24. The Skybirds
    25. Grandfather Tree

  • About the Album

    There has never been a more important time for children to find connection with the natural world. With tree songs, rain songs, songs for all four seasons, garden days, beach days, snow days and lucky rainbow days this album is designed to be experienced little by little, season by season, together, throughout the year. 

    I hope these songs that find joy in nature and memories of our family life and the universal emotions that we all share strike a chord with you too.

Singing together and tuning in to the natural world around us can be a source of peace and calm at this time of great change in the world.

Imagine a harmony filled grove under the grandfather trees that have stood for generations, or a street party in the pocket park on your block. This album is an adventure through the sights, sounds and senses of weather, seasons and the green spaces around us. It is a call for connection, protection and appreciation of our parks, gardens and wild places, a musical journey threaded through with themes of kindness and community. An invitation to head outside and sing.

Sing Through The Year - A Little Wild Childhood is also a songbook brought to life. Inspired by bright moments and experiences as her children have grown that she captured in her songbooks through the years, Claudia’s intention with this project was to pay it forward to a new generation of kids and parents.

"These songs express the joy of growing up connected to nature and the seasons. I love to use metaphors to connect tangible elements of our environment with feelings in a way that kids can grasp.

They say the years go fast but the days go slow. As a mother I’m always trying to hold on to the bright moments, and look on the sunny side; sometimes the best thing we can do is go out and dance in the rain."

- Claudia Robin Gunn

  • "...Each track is filled with musical storytelling that just makes my soul happy.

    Gunn’s indie folk/pop sound is often reminiscent of the Indigo Girls, especially when the uplifting harmonies are given center stage, while still managing to have a modern element that will appeal to all listeners."

    Veronica De Fazio, Kids Rhythm and Rock 
  • "The album ultimately delivers on its promise of joy, optimism and kindness. ....This is a truly superb album; it is ambitious, compelling and brilliantly executed."

    Dez Staunton, Electric Kids Music 
  • "New Zealand is known for its beauty, great surfing, and Hobbiton. But over the last few years, it seems as though its biggest export is great family music."

    Dave Loftin, The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl 
  • "the great outdoors is still the best place to be"

    Jeffrey Cohen, Geekdad